The Adams IDEA a3OS

By Jim Hagerty

For players wanting maximum game-improvement features, hybrid clubs are often the answer. Hybrids are uniquely designed to include the lofts of irons and the forgiveness and comfort of woods. This makes them solid alternatives to long irons.

Adams Golf is one of the companies that began the hybrid craze in the mid-1990's with the release of its Tight Lies series of low-profile woods, which were easy to hit and popular rescue and utility clubs among recreational players and professionals. Since the popularity of the Tight Lies series, Adams has released several utility-type clubs that today have evolved into its IDEA line of hybrids.

The IDEA a3OS hybrid line mixes hybrid ironwoods with cavity-back, game-improvement short irons. The line consists of two versions: No. 3 through No. 8 hybrids and a 9-iron and pitching wedge, available in regular or stiff flex; and No. 4 through No. 7 hybrids and 7- iron through sand wedge in light flex. A gap wedge is also included in the light flex version.
IEDA a3OS drivers, wedges and putters are also available.

Hybrid Specs

Adams IDEA a3OS hybrids are made of stainless steel and boast a low profile and high MOI (Moment of Inertia), which helps its wide sole get the ball airborne quickly from a variety of lies. Each club is made with the company's Boxer Technology, which Adams claims helps propel the ball forward.

Iron Specs

Irons included in the IDEA a3SO sets are modified cavity-backed clubs, with most of the weight behind the large sweet spot (low- and back-weighting system). The wide soles are designed to help the developing player move through impact with minimal drag and high launch while still allowing for proper ball flights.


Adams IDEA a3OS hybrids are attractive clubs, finished with a semi-gloss coated black crown. Soles are chromed and notched with Adam's special Boxer design.
Irons are relatively over-sized with solid semi-glossed chrome over the stainless steel. All clubs have the traditional lie and bounce of a game-improvement club, adding the confidence developing players need at address.


From a performance standpoint, each club in the IDEA a3OS series is comfortable at impact and capable of making nice trajectories with controlled swings. Their wide soles are aerodynamically engineered and move through impact swiftly, propelling the ball forward. Most players rave about the comfort of a3OS clubs, solid distance and forgiveness on mis-hits. Irons are significantly strong lofted with excellent-to-superb trajectories for players with slower-to-mid-speed swings.


While no longer in production, the popularity of the Adams IDEA a3OS means they are widely available on the secondary market. When buying used clubs, always use caution and when possible try the clubs out before you purchase them. 


About The Author

Jim Hagerty is a freelance writer and journalist. In addition to the hundreds of Web-based articles to his credit, he's a staff writer for "The Rock River Times," where he covers arts and entertainment, outdoors and human interest news events. Hagerty holds a Bachelor of Science in public relations and journalism from Northern Michigan University in Marquette.

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