Healthy Heart Fitness

By Patrick Foley

To achieve healthy heart fitness, develop an exercise routine that targets heavy cardiovascular workouts. In addition to the heart, you'll also fortify your entire body's overall health. Healthy heart fitness includes a wide variety of different workouts with room for change and variability depending on the person. This article will go over a few guidelines to help create a fun, easy workout plan that is applicable to all and can be done just about any fitness center or home.


Running is one of the most beneficial exercises, because it puts the upper and lower body into motion for a workout that works the entire body as a whole. Running increases the body's heart rate. Running works the entire body and how hard a person pushes himself will determine its benefits. There are different ways to increase difficulty of running such as running up hills or stairs. Running two to four times a week for 15 minutes can be a great way to have healthy heart fitness.


Swimming is one of the best workouts anyone can do for total body conditioning. Swimming basic laps in the pool increases heart rate, lowers body fat and burns calories at faster levels than running.


Biking, much like running, will work the lower body but will be increasingly beneficial to heart health. Biking can be done anywhere and will give people the ability to change their workout every time they exercise.


Putting the body into different yoga positions while stretching and strengthening it is a very beneficial workout. This workout and different poses can be done just about anywhere.

Body Weight Workouts

Body weight workouts are simple and can be kept very simple: push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups. Making this workout a heart-healthy one is achieved by many repetitions done quickly. Three sets of each to failure will increase the heart rate to high levels and also increase strength at the same time. Completing a mix of all these workouts will create a dynamic workout that will help the person develop a healthier heart and a more conditioned body.

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