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Golfers often worry about buying the newest club, or upgrading to the latest shafts, but have you thought about your grips lately? Despite being a relatively small part of a golfer’s equipment, improper grip size can have a huge effect on your game. Too small, and your shot could hook as your tightened grip twists the club. Too big, and the clubface can open during your swing and draw off the tee. 


Finding the Right Size

The right grip size depends on your hand size. To determine how long your hands are, measure your hand from the crease in your wrist to the tip of your longest finger. A standard grip is appropriate for players with hands that measure 7-8¾ inches. Anything smaller than 7 inches should use undersized or “junior” grips. For hands between 8¼-9¼ inches, mid-size grips are best suited. Jumbo size is best for golfers with hands that measure longer than 9 ¼ inches. After selecting your grips, you can always use grip tape to increase the size of the grips to your exact needs. Be sure and consult with the club’s pro or try out your swing on a club with and without the extra tape to fine tune your equipment. 

Grip Material

In addition to size, golfers should consider the material they want their grip to be. In general, grips are either rubber or corded. Rubber grips can be either stiff or soft, which provide more or less shock absorption. These grips are typically both smooth and relatively lightweight. Corded grips have strands of fabric or leather incorporated in their grips which provide a more textured grip. These grips are slightly heavier and more closely resemble traditional grips, though the decision between rubber and corded grips is ultimately down to personal preference. Be sure to try both types before deciding for yourself which grip material to choose. 


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