At Home Golf Workout During Quarantine: Stretches to Improve Your Golf Swing

By Ryan Watson

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While millions of golfers remain at home during the coronavirus pandemic, many are struggling to stay in shape. One of the first things that goes with a sedentary lifestyle is your flexibility, which is key for generating power and preventing injuries during a golf swing. The following 4 stretches are designed to help you remain limber and ready for your next round. 


Shoulder Stretch

This stretch requires a golf club held in front of your body with your palms facing upwards. Begin the stretch with your legs shoulder length apart. Bend over at the waist no more than halfway, keeping your back flat and your chest pushed forward. Keeping your back straight is more important than how far you can bend at the waist. From this starting position, raise the club above your head to stretch your shoulders. You should feel slight pressure, but never stretch to the point of pain. Then lower the club. Complete 10-15 reps. 


Rotational Stretches

Begin the stretch straddling a bench, or with a yoga mat or folded towel between your legs. This is to keep your legs and hips in a stable position. Then place the club behind your back, held in place by your elbows with each hand placed on your solar plexus. Keeping your hips stationary, rotate your torso both ways as far as is comfortable, holding each rotation 2 seconds. Repeat the stretch 10 times. This stretch helps rotational flexibility which helps generate power in your golf swing. 


Shoulder Bridge

Despite the name, this stretch is actually strengthening your glutes and counteracting the sedentary lifestyle most of us are living right now. Simply lie on your back on the floor (a rug, towel, or yoga mat can make it more comfortable) with your knees bent at a 90 and feet flat on the floor. Then lift your hips up toward the ceiling. This stretch will help loosen up your hips while strengthening your glutes, and can also help relieve some back pain. 


Side Plank

This is another stretch to help the hips and spinal alignment. Start by lying on your side with your feet stacked and your torso propped up on your elbow. Be sure that your elbow is under your shoulder. Then lift your hips off the floor, so that your body forms a triangle with the floor. Hold this position off the floor for 3 seconds, emphasizing making your body a straight line from your head and spine down to your heels. Do 10 reps on both sides. 


About The Author

Ryan Watson is a freelance sportswriter and history professor. He has been an avid fan of golf since his father signed him up for golf camp as a young child. Ryan enjoys following the professional game and learning about new equipment and gadgets.


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