2019 GolfLink Holiday Gift Guide: Golf Tech

By Ryan Watson

2019 GolfLink Holiday Gift Guide: Golf Tech

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start looking for gifts for your favorite golfer. Luckily, GolfLink is putting together its lists of the best gifts available this year. The following are the year’s best Golf Tech Gifts.


Blast Motion Golf Sensor

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The Blast Motion Golf Sensor is a training aid that combines technology and ease of use to provide helpful feedback about your swing. The removable sensor attaches to the end of your club and sends data to an app to provide real-time data. The app then provides feedback about your swings and depending on the club you’re using provides feedback on everything from your putter to your driver. The app can also be used to record video of your shot to allow for even more feedback. This gift is great for serious golfers who appreciate precise feedback when working on their swing. 


Precision Pro NX9 HD

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The Precision Pro NX9 HD rangefinder provides accurate readings to rival the top rangefinders but at a much more affordable price point. The device is easy to use, with readings for both distance and slope, and has a handy vibration feature to let you know you are locked onto the flag. The NX9 also has a built in magnet that allows you to attach the rangefinder to your cart or even one of your clubs to keep the device handy throughout the round. This is an excellent gift for someone who wants a user friendly rangefinder that won't break the bank. 


Voice Caddie SC200 

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The Swing Caddie 2 is a launch monitor about the size of a cell phone. This gadget is perfect for folks who like the ease of having a device dedicated to their game without having to fiddle with apps or phones. The device will tell you swing speed, ball speed, carry distance and the smash factor of every shot you take. What sets the Swing Caddie 2 apart is its use of doppler radar to give you the accuracy of much more expensive launch monitors like Trackman for a fraction of the price. 


Bushnell Neo Ion 2 Golf GPS Watch

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One of the most stylish and useful gadgets out there, the Bushnell Neo Ion 2 Golf GPS Watch provides some of the functions of a rangefinder but conveniently located on your wrist. The watch comes pre-loaded with 36,000 courses in 30 countries and uses GPS to automatically sense what course you are playing. The watch then gives front, center, and back distances to the green, as well as the distances for up to 4 hazards per hole. The watch also comes with the Bushnell Golf App that gives further information, including flyovers, and can use bluetooth to automatically update the watch with any new courses or alterations to existing courses. 


Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors

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The Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors is an extensive analytical tool that works in tandem with the Arccos Caddie App to provide not only a complete breakdown of your game but also act as your own personal caddie. The way it works is that sensors that you screw into the end of your grips will take information on all your shots and then when combined ith the app will accurately record your distance and with which club you made your shot. This allows it to develop a data set based on your playing that you can easily access through the app. The app then takes this information and gives you advice in real time, advising which of your clubs you should use based on your data. 


2019 GolfLink Holiday Gift Guide



About The Author

Ryan Watson is a freelance sportswriter and history professor. He has been an avid fan of golf since his father signed him up for golf camp as a young child. Ryan enjoys following the professional game and learning about new equipment and gadgets.


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