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By Ryan Watson


The holidays are right around the corner and now is the time to shop for all the “good” golfers in your life, no matter their handicap, or to start stocking up for the new year. This year, Golflink is putting out multiple lists of great products to get anyone ready for their best year of golf. Check out the other guides at the bottom of the page for even more great golfing products designed to make 2019 your best year on the course. This list examines the best training gifts to give a competitive edge on the course. 


Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors

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The Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors provides instant feedback and expert help to the golfer on every swing. It does this through sensors and a smartphone app that tracks every shot for each club. The sensors install on the end of your grips without any special tools or damage to your clubs. The sensors work automatically through motion sensors and by registering each shot, can accurately calculate exact distances for every club you use. The app gives an accurate statistical analysis of your entire game, including average distances and even where you tend to lose the most strokes, as well as providing distances to the hole, making it a valuable training tool.  Those features alone make in a quality product, but what really sets Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors apart is the built in AI that acts as your personal caddie. The app will take into account your abilities, the exact shot you’re taking and the weather conditions automatically and give you a club recommendation for each shot. It breaks down the scores you are likely to achieve from your position based on clubs, allowing you to choose the statistically best option for each shot. It is truly an amazing product. If you’re unsure if it’s worth the price, Arccos does offer a much cheaper system that will only track your drives.


Swing Caddie 2 Launch Monitor

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The Swing Caddie 2 is designed as an affordable launch monitor to provide golfers with excellent feedback about their swing at the range. It is a small smartphone sized device, making it easy to store in your golf bag, and uses doppler radar to calculate your carry distance, swing speed, ball speed and “smash factor”. You simply tell the Swing Caddie what club you’re using and it will accurately relay information back to you. There are also 2 built-in games that test accuracy by giving varying distances and challenging the golfer to come within 5 yards of that distance.


Wincan Golf Putting Mat

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A round of golf can often hinge on putting and sadly many golfers neglect this area of their game. The Wincan Putting Mat provides a superb training aid to perfect your touch on the green. The mat is 10.5 feet long and can be used inside or outside, and also rolls up neatly for compact storage. It features 1 regulation sized hole and a smaller more challenging hole to aim at. The mat also automatically returns balls to you after sinking your putt, meaning there’s no repeating stooping just to retrieve your ball. This is an excellent gift idea for beginner golfers or those that live in cold climates looking for a way to practice during the winter. 


PrideSports Golf Elite Chipping Net 

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Another easy and fun training aid is a portable chipping target. The PrideSports Golf Elite Chipping Net provides a very affordable chipping target for perfecting your approach game. The entire contraption is collapsible and with a diameter of only 24 inches wide will provide a challenge to all golfers. The smaller inner target provides an additional challenge and allows golfers to fine tune their game or compete with friends. An excellent addition for any golfer who doesn’t want to drive to the driving range just to work on chipping. 


PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

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Another putting aid, the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer is a small curved ramp, actually a parabolic curve as PuttOut proudly tells consumers, designed to provide feedback about putt about the amount of force each putt has. The white target has the same 4.25 in. diameter as a golf hole, and the ramp design allows for accurate puts to return automatically. It also features a “Micro Target”, a small hole above the target that the ball will rest in if your putt has perfect accuracy and pace. Users report that the challenge of hitting the Micro Target make the PuttOut Pressure Putter an addictive training aid to build the kind of muscle memory needed to be a lethal putter.


DST Compressor 8 Iron

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The DST Compressor 8 Iron is an unconventional but extremely effective training tool. It comes as an 8-iron with a curved shaft. The purpose of the curved shaft is to force golfers to lag their hands and to make proper contact with the ball to allow for compression, rather than the scooping shot as most amateur golfers do when hitting with their irons. It forces golfers to have proper hand alignment upon striking the ball, a skill that then transfers back to normal clubs. Many golfers have reported that they have added the distance of 1 or more clubs to their irons after training with this product and their handicaps have decreased. It has also found its way into the bags of numerous PGA Tour professionals because it really does change the way golfers think about and execute their swing. Perfect for any golfer who is serious about improving their scores. 



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