The Proper Golf Grip

By Bob Byman

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The function of each golfer's swing is to consistently deliver the ball to its intended target. The swing, therefore, must be able to accomplish that task. In order to create the desired results, you must know exactly how to prepare for, affix and maintain the proper golf grip.

Great Grips

Ben Hogan was considered to be one of the most accurate ball strikers in the history of the game. Sam Snead won the most PGA Tour events while, in my opinion, Jack Nicklaus is the game's greatest player. What's my point? These three men have had the best golf grips that I have ever seen. Their grips were highly instructive in their similarity and magnificent in their functionality, effectiveness, simplicity, beauty and balance.

The Key Element

The grip is the single most influential fundamental in developing a solid, reliable and repeatable golf swing.

Do it right and you will improve dramatically in the short term, but it will also lay the foundation for long-term optimization of every aspect of your game. It dictates how you will and must swing the club in order to produce your desired result.

Every player who has dominated competitive golf, from Harry Vardon to Tiger Woods and from Patti Berg to Annika Sorenstam, used a grip that is 99% of what I teach. I strongly strongly recommend this grip.

The Checkpoints

1. The palms of the hands face each other on the grip.
2. The palms of the hands face in the same line as the leading edge of the clubface.
3. When affixing your grip, make sure that you have equal pressure on all sides of the shaft.
4. The left side of the shaft goes across the mid points of the left hand. Close the last three fingers and the heel of the hand first, then the index finger and then the thumb. The thumb is neither long nor short, but is naturally positioned just to the right of the middle of the shaft.
5. The right side of the shaft goes across an angle that is parallel to the angle the shaft went across the left hand, but about an inch farther down in the fingers. Close the middle two fingers first, then cover the pocket of the palm of the hand over the left thumb. Curl the index finger, the thumb goes to the left side of the shaft and the pinkie goes in the groove between the left index and middle fingers.
6. There are no gaps ... everything fits nicely together. The hands are compact and unified. The grip pressure is created by the form of the grip.
7. The back of the left hand is the clubface; the palm of the right hand is the clubface. Where the hands are the clubface will follow.

The Effect

This grip will make you look like a golfer and feel like a golfer. It should also allow you to hit quality shots, and further develop a swing motion to produce the same results as the most accomplished golfers in the world.

About the Author

A lifetime member of the PGA/Champions Tour, Bob Byman has been writing for golf publications since 1995 including "North Shore Today," "Central Florida Golfer," "Golf Tips Magazine," and the Las Vegas edition of "Golf Today Magazine." He has written one book, "The Absolute Best Grip in The World, How to Finally Take Control of Your Golf Game."