About Bryce Molder

By Chad Buleen

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Bryce Molder is a professional golfer who spent a handful of years splitting time between the Nationwide Tour and the PGA Tour. Despite being born with physical challenges that he has needed to overcome in order to compete, Molder has experienced success on both tours.


Bryce Molder was born on January 27, 1979 in Harrison, Arkansas. He was born with no left pectoral muscle, resulting in a concaved left side of his chest. He also was born with Poland Syndrome, which is a defect that makes his left hand significantly smaller than his right hand. He was required to undergo two surgeries before age 5 because three of the fingers on his left hand were webbed at the knuckle.


Molder experienced considerable success as an amateur golfer at Georgia Tech. He was a four-time first-team All-American golfer, which is a feat only accomplished by Molder, David Duval, Phil Mickelson and Gary Hallberg. As a professional, Molder's only victory (as of August 2009) came while playing on the Nationwide Tour at the Miccosukee Championship. Although he had not yet won a PGA Tour Event, he came close in 2009 with a second-place finish at the St. Jude Classic presented by FedEx.

Money Earned

In 2009, Molder made much more money than in previous years, bringing in more than $1 million as of August. His previous top-earning season as a pro came in 2007, when he made nearly $260,000 on the PGA Tour. During his time on the Nationwide Tour, Molder made $235,000 in 2008 and $205,000 in 2006. He has made $2 million during his professional career since 2005.


Molder's recent success on the PGA Tour is evident by looking at some of his key statistics. He is a full stroke under the average score per round of all golfers on the PGA Tour (70.09 vs. 71.12). His accuracy and putting are important aspects of his game. He is able to hit nearly 67 percent of greens in regulation, while other PGA golfers hit a percentage of just more than 64 percent. Likewise, he averages fewer putts per round (28.85) than the Tour average (29.17). It is important that his accuracy and short game are efficient because his driving distance is significantly less than the PGA Tour average (281.2 vs. 286.7).

Fun Facts

As a 10- and 11-year-old, Molder would spend the whole day on the golf course after his father dropped him off in the morning before he went to work.
In 1999, Molder shot a 12-under round at Chenal Country Club in Arkansas while playing with President Bill Clinton, who also is a native of Arkansas.

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