What to Look for in a Callaway Golf Travel Bag

By Lyle@Nymble

As one of the golf industry's major manufacturers, Callaway Golf produces a variety of products in every category from clubs to shoes to clothing to travel bags. In the travel bag--or travel cover--category, Callaway offers four different types of bags designed specifically for travel, including the Fusion, X-series, Big Bertha and Hybrid models. Within these categories, there are a variety of features to consider when selecting the right travel bag for your current golf bag and clubs.


Depending on the amount of travel you do with your golf clubs--specifically air travel--you will want to take a close look at how protective each travel cover model is. Keeping each of your clubs in one piece needs to be a priority. Both the Fusion and X-series bags offer Callaway's Steelhead Club Protection system that wraps around the tops of the clubs to protect their heads. The Big Bertha bag is designed specifically to protect the easily broken legs on stand bags. The hybrid bag is a unique design as both a travel bag and a fully functional carry bag. It comes equipped with a hard-shell top that connects to the base of the bag for travel.


The size of your travel bag is an important consideration for two reasons. First, it needs to fit your golf bag and clubs in a snug, but not inflexible way. If you are traveling with a lightweight carry bag, for instance, the Big Bertha might suit your needs, while if you are traveling with a full-sized staff bag, you should probably consider the Fusion or X-series. Secondly, if you are trying to consolidate your luggage, having enough space around your golf bag to pack additional luggage or clothing can be useful.


All three Callaway travel covers come equipped with wheels to make moving your clubs around the airport a simple affair. Since the hybrid is a working golf bag as well, it does not come with wheels, requiring you to carry the bag. Pockets and handles are important considerations to each of these bags as well. The Fusion, X-series and Big Bertha all have a handy feature with shoe pockets to accommodate a pair of golf shoes up to size 13EEE. All three also feature handles on the top and back of the bag that make wheeling them around convenient. The Hybrid model has typical golf-bag straps and handles as well as a single handle on the hard-shell top for ease of movement.


All four travel covers are made from highly durable nylon and multi-stitched to keep any seams from breaking through. The Fusion, X-series and Big Bertha models--just from their basic travel cover design--are made for high-traffic travel. The hybrid model, while not designed for heavy travel, does offer significant protection to your clubs under its hard shell club helmet.


Prices range on the Callaway travel bag models from about $120 for the Big Bertha stand bag carrier to about $220 for the Fusion carrier. The Hybrid travel bag goes for about $200 and the X-series about $180.

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