How to Buy a Golf Simulator

By Chad Buleen

A golf simulator is a device that golfers can use for fun or use to work on their game. A simulator typically includes a screen and some kind of electronic swing analyzer to determine the distance and trajectory of the ball each time you strike it. The location on the golf course where the ball would be is displayed on the screen.


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Step 1
Consider which kind of simulator would work best for you. In general, there are two types of golf simulators. The most sophisticated simulators include large home theater-type screens, but the less sophisticated simulators will usually plug into your television.
Step 2
Look for a simulator with the proper kind of mat. The best mats to use with golf simulators are those that have different levels of "grass" on the mat. The mat should be able to simulate what conditions are like on the fairway, the green, the rough and even sand.
Step 3
Look at online stores such as Hammacher Schlemmer or at larger sporting goods retail stores for cheaper and less-sophisticated simulators. These simulators often will plug directly into your existing television and usually gauge your swing by measuring the force at which a connected ball is hit off the tee.
Step 4
Buy larger, more-sophisticated simulators online or from companies that specialize in making golf simulators. These simulators often include large screens and swing analyzers that work similar to a radar gun in baseball--measuring velocity each time the ball is struck. Companies such as Tru Golf, GOLFZON and Interactive Sports Technologies sell the more sophisticated versions of golf simulators.
Step 5
Arrange for installation. If you buy a small simulator that plugs into your television, you could install it yourself. On the other hand, the larger versions can cost thousands of dollars. Therefore, it is worth the extra money to pay the company you buy the simulator from to install it. If the company does not install simulators, they will be able to recommend contractors in your area who can help.

Tips & Warnings

Find an arcade or golf club that has a golf simulator and test the simulator out to see if you like it before you buy it.


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