Djibouti Night Clubs

By Susanna Lo

Surrounded by Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia, Djibouti is a small, African port city filled with the French Foreign Legion and the American military, both of whom have bases in the country. When it comes to golf, the Douda Golf Club is about the only place you'll find. It doesn't have grass, but it does have 18 holes. Check with the local embassy for directions and arrange for a driver to take you. When it comes to night clubs, Djibouti has many to entertain the multitude of soldiers in the area.

Restaurant Brasserie L'Histoire

The Restaurant Brasserie L'Histoire is near the Djibouti town square and has a view of the square itself. The beer is cold and as of March 2010 is priced about $5 a pint. The bar/restaurant also serves local African foods, including gergerca tirce, a Yemeni dish served in a pot over burning coals to keep the chicken and vegetables constantly sizzling.

Restaurant Brasserie L'Histoire
Place du 27 Juin

La Fontaine Terrace

The roof terrace of Le Fontaine Terrace has a view of the city and some interesting decorations, including a year-round Christmas tree. The beer and cocktails are affordable, As of March 2010, beers start at $3 per pint. The bar also serves regional dishes. Try the Ethiopian dish shero poulet, which is a hotpot of chicken, spices, tomatoes and vegetables served with the spongy injera bread common to Djibouti.

La Fontaine Terrace
Rue du Ethiopia

Cafe Mask

Cafe Mask is considered one of the go-to places by many travelers who have been to Djibouti. Surrounded by tribal decorations, Cafe Mask is pricier than most places, with a pint of beer starting at $7 as of March 2010. Besides drinks and dancing in the evening, the place is known for Italian food, especially pizza. Like many bars in Djibouti, Cafe Mask has many "female escorts" who will invite themselves to your table and ask you to buy them drinks.

Cafe Mask
Place du Juin

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