Jim McLean Golf Schools Staff

Adam Harrell
Adam is from Roanoke, VA. He attended and graduated from George Mason University with a degree in Business Management. He was the former captain of the GMU golf team and the number one player in school history. Adam has worked at the Jim McLean Golf School since 1996 and was Jim's personal assistant for three years. Currently, Adam is a Lead Master Instructor at the Jim McLean Golf Academy at Weston Hills Country Club.
  • Start your golf day with this warm up drill: it relaxes your muscles, helps you hit farther and avoid injuries... watch video
  • The delivery position of the swing is when the club shaft is parallel to the ground, at which point the right elbow and knee should have kicked in towards the center of your stance... watch video
  • The takeaway is probably the most important part of the swing so use this drill to make sure you have this first move of the swing down right... watch video
Bobby Cole
South African born Bobby Cole is a Lead Master Instructor on the Jim McLean teaching staff. An outstanding instructor, his teaching skills are enhanced by his extensive professional playing experience on both the US and the South African PGA Tours. Included among Bobby's 22 worldwide tournament wins are The British Amateur, The South African Open (twice), The South African PGA Championship, The Buick Open, The Seattle Everett Open, and both the team and the individual win in the 1974 World Cup of Golf. He has had 8 top ten finishes in the PGA Championship, the US Open, and the British Open, and finished 3rd in the 1975 British Open, one stroke back of Tom Watson and Jack Newton, who played off for the win. Bobby's records as the youngest player to make the cut and play at the Masters, and the youngest winner of the British Amateur stand today. With more than 150 cuts and a tournament win, he is a Lifetime Member of the US PGA Tour.

At the Jim McLean School, Bobby is a favorite instructor with current and future touring pros, as well as recreational players and aspiring Juniors. He offers private lessons, schools, seminars, and clinics and teaches both one-on-one, or with Jim McLean and other instructors at the school. In addition to teaching, he competes professionally on the Champions Tour and plays in some PGA and Nationwide Tournaments and ProAms. Bobby's lifetime history in the game of golf has made him the subject of numerous magazine and newspaper articles and a 1998 profile on The Golf Channel.
  • Practice swinging with your front foot turned out almost to the target which will stop you from shifting your weight to your front foot on the backswing... watch video
  • The waggle during the set up is a very important part of the swing because it keeps your muscles relaxed so that you can start your swing smoothly... watch video
Christopher Toulson
Christopher has worked closely with Jim McLean for the past 14 years. He oversees all of Jim's golf schools nationwide and has taught hundreds of schools and lessons with Jim. Christopher is one of the top teaching and playing professionals in America.
  • South Florida PGA Teacher of the Year, 2005
  • South Florida PGA Player of the Year, 1999
  • South Florida PGA Chapter Teacher of the Year, 2000
  • South Florida PGA Section Champion (final round 62), 1999
  • South Florida PGA Club Professional Champion, 1999
  • Runner-up PGA National Club Pro Championship at Whistling Straits, 1999
  • Played in PGA Tour Events and two Major Championships
  • Speaker at PGA Sectional, PGA National and European Teaching Seminars
  • Golf Digest and Golf Magazine Top Instructor in Florida, 2000-present
  • University of Florida graduate and scholarship player
  • US Junior, US Amateur, US Open Qualifying Medalist
  • AJGA Winner and AJGA All-American
  • The Jim McLean Golf Schools offer a wide array of golf schools on every weekend of the year... watch video
  • CHRIS TOULSON demonstrates how the speed of the swing and length of the finish play key roles in controlling distance... watch video
  • Good iron players have most of their weight on their front leg and their back knee is kicked in to the ball at impact... watch video
  • Pitching is the most important part of the golf swing, so practice it and not only will your short game improve but also your full swing... watch video
  • CHRIS TOULSON demonstrates how proper set-up, loading and mental attitude are key to driving with authority... watch video
  • CHRIS TOULSON demonstrates pitching basics including set up, wrist hinge, turning of the body and finish position... watch video
  • Draw a line two inches behind your ball and another one six inches behind your ball and practice entering the sand between those two lines... watch video
Debbie Doniger
Debbie grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut. She was named the top Smith Corona Academic All America for the AJGA. She graduated from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she was captain of the golf team her junior and senior years. She led the Tar Heels to an ACC Championship in 1992, won the ACC Championship and was elected All-Conference. Debbie was also selected as a 2005 Golf Digest For Women Top 50 Instructor.
  • She was one of five college seniors selected to represent the United States in The World University Golf Matches, Mallorca, Spain. There she won the individual bronze medal, the only American to medal in the competition.
  • In 2003, she was inducted into the ACC Hall of Fame as one of the best women golfers in the ACC for the last 50 years.
  • Debbie has won every New York Metropolitan tournament in the Met area as a junior and an amateur.
  • Competed on The Future's Tour, The Gold Coast Tour, and qualified in 1993 as the low American, in the top five, for The European Tour.
  • Contributes to Golf for Women magazine, appears on The Golf Channel Academy Live, and has a national golf fitness video with Jim McLean called Golf Warm-Ups.
  • Can presently be seen nationwide on the RSN network in their golf tips segment.
  • During the summer, Debbie is the lead instructor at The GlenArbor Golf Club in Bedford, NY.
  • Has been a student of Jim McLean's for over 20 years.
  • Simply shifting your grip away from the palms and towards the finger tips will allow you to widen your swing naturally and hit further... watch video
  • DEBORAH DONIGER demonstrates how placing tape or spray on the club face can help you monitor whether it is square at impact... watch video
  • DEBORAH DONIGER demonstrates the proper finish position including weight distribution and the positioning of the right toe, shoulders and spine... watch video
Glen Farnsworth
Glen a native of Naples, Florida started his career under Jim McLean in 1981 at Sunningdale CC. He has been Director of Instruction at such prestigious clubs as Quaker Ridge, Maidstone Golf Club in East Hampton Long Island, Maroon Creek in Aspen Co. and Royal Poinciana in Naples. He works with many Tour players including Curt Byrum a winner on the PGA Tour, Adam Mednick a winner on the European Tour and currently with Jim Ahern a two time winner on the Champions Tour, just to name a few. Glen spent three years playing on the US mini tour and one year on the Swedish Tour while he was Director of Instruction at Sundsvall Golf Club in Sweden. Glen was nominated for South Florida Teacher of the Year in 1996 as well as for Golf Magazine's top 100 teachers. Glen has given over 500 golf schools and more than 250,000 private lessons and offers a unique and extremely entertaining Trick Shot and Impersonation Exhibition to corporations and other groups locally and around the World. Also, Glen has appeared on the Golf Channel and has offered many seminars for the PGA.
  • Create a soft grip sensation by taking easy practice swings with only three fingers from each hand holding the club... watch video
  • To successfully hit over hazards you must get the correct yardage and commit to a full finish... watch video
  • To release the club past the ball and through to a good finish practice this Close The Gap Drill with your right shoulder and chin... watch video
  • Use the step-through drill to practice bringing your right side forward on the downswing, allowing you to finish your swing and not hang back... watch video
  • Put a glove under your left arm to help you close the toe of the club and keep your left arm connected to your body... watch video
Jason Carbone
Began working with Jim in 1998, and since then has worked his way to becoming one of the top instructors in the country. He has been named the #1 instructor in Ohio by Golf Digest for the past 3 years, and was named as one of the top instructors in the Midwest by Golf Magazine. While working his way up to a Lead Master Instructor position with the Jim McLean Golf School, he would spend the summers serving as Director of Instruction at the top 3 facilities in Ohio - Inverness Club in Toledo and Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin. While at these facilities, Jason earned a reputation that allowed him to teach players of all levels including current PGA, LPGA, and Nationwide Tour players. He currently works with Chris Perry, Ryan Armour, and Emily Bastel. Other players he has been fortunate enough to help include Jack Nicklaus, Len Mattiace, Chris Smith, Cristie Kerr, and numerous others. Top amateurs have benefitted from Jason' s help, including the 2005 Ohio Amateur Champion and Western Amateur Runner-Up. An accomplished player himself, Jason played four years at Bowling Green State University, and continues to stay competitive on the PGA of America tournament circuit.
  • When you grip your club with your left hand the two middle fingers should just touch the pad of your hand... watch video
  • Take a lofted club, play the ball towards the center of your stance and open the clubface slightly... watch video
  • Get your yardage, take an extra club, verify that you can clear the lip in front of you, grip down, dig your feet in and stand up tall to the ball... watch video
  • Place a stand bag tilted away from your target line and take your backswing watching your club track up the angle of the bag... watch video
Kevin Sprecher
Kevin Sprecher grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. After graduating from Arizona State University in 1992, he began working for Jim McLean at the Sleepy Hollow C.C in Scarborough, NY. During the summer and the Doral Resort and Spa in the winter.
  • For three years assisted Jim McLean with private lessons, schools, seminars and clinics.
  • He spent the summers teaching at the Glen Oaks Club, the Piping Rock Club, and the Atlantic Golf Club.
  • Currently is the Director of Instruction at the Sleepy Hollow C.C.
  • In 2000 was nominated as one of GOLF Magazine's Top 100 Teacher's in America.
  • Contributing writer to GOLF Illustrated magazine since 2001.
  • Kevin has had the opportunity to work with a number of PGA, LPGA, and top amateurs. For example, Brad Faxon, Peter Jacobsen, Len Mattiace, Liselotte Neumann, and George Zahringer (US Mid-Am Champion).
  • Recently won the INGMA outstanding achievement award in the instruction category.
  • Voted as one of the Top 50 Instructors in New York by Golf Digest (ranked 12th).
  • Was featured on the cover of Golf Illustrated in the fall of 2003.
  • Kevin can also be seen on the RSN Network daily providing short golf tips.
  • Setting up correctly and knowing to hit behind the ball and splash the sand will get you out of the bunker more easily... watch video
Mariano Bartolome
Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He played over 6 years on the South American and Argentinean Tours before joining Jim's staff. Mariano was the Golf School Director at the prestigious Golf Club Argentino. He also worked at such prestigious clubs as Hindu Club and Buenos Aires Golf Club (Home of the 2000 World Cup). Mariano currently works with top PGA, European, and Champions Tour players such as Carlos Franco, Angel Cabrera, Hernan Rey, and Vicente Fernandez. He has worked personally with Jim McLean on the Y Factor study which was the cover story of Golf Digest in July 2001. Mariano has also conducted clinics in Argentina, Uruguay, and the Dominican Republic and is in his sixth year at Doral.
  • Simply starting with the club on the ground and dragging it through the hitting zone will help you with the connection of your body and a consistent impact... watch video
  • Use a shorter club to practice your backswing in order to gain width and control of the clubhead... watch video
  • Use a shaft or an upside down club gripped in your right hand, make a full coil back and then step forward into your swing... watch video
  • Practice increasing your X Factor to create greater distance by just sitting against a chair and turning your shoulders... watch video
Shannon Hamel
A graduate of the University of Miami, Shannon has been with the Jim McLean Golf School at Doral for eight years. Shannon is one of the golf schools' most sought after teachers and she works year round at the golf school at Doral. Prior to joining the Jim McLean Golf School, Shannon taught at the renowned Medinah Country Club in Chicago. Shannon was a four year scholarship player at the University of Miami and has been nominated as one of the 50 Best Female Instructors by Golf for Women magazine.
  • Accustom your mind to always think chip before pitch if your lie allows you to keep the ball low... watch video
Tommie Marino
Originally from Greenwich, CT, compliments the JMGS with 34 years of teaching experience at Doral. Working with all levels of players, Tommie proudly joined Jim in September 2000 as a full-time Master Instructor.

Before joining Jim, he was 1st Assistant to Eddie Bush, Doral’s Head Pro, who taught the LPGA’s first million dollar winner and Hall of Fame Inductee, Pat Bradley. Tommie assisted in all her lessons before becoming a PGA member in 1972. Tommie also studied under the tutelage of respected golf legend Harry "Lighthorse" Cooper for 3 winters here at Doral. Tommie was also influenced by a Top 100 Instructor, Jimmy Ballard and was a staff instructor for the world famous, Jimmy Ballard Workshop at Doral from 1983-1989.

Tommie is currently working with Rick Carrillo, the past Mexican National Amateur Champion, in his pursuit of tour qualifying school in October 2004. They have been a team for almost 3 years.

Favorite Mantra: "Keep it simple"
  • Build a practice station when you are hitting balls to make sure that you are lined up directly at the target... watch video
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