How to Make an Indoor Mini Golf Course

By Bobby Ingram

Miniature golf is a fun, family-friendly activity. Building your own miniature golf course can be a business endeavor or a place for your family to have fun together without paying per round. Whether you are building an advanced course with permanent holes, or looking to create your own basement game, following the right steps will help you get the best course you can for your time.


Difficulty: Moderate
Step 1
Construct frames for each hole out of 2x4's. Your greens must be elevated to include room for the holes. Your frames should include several crossbeams to give support to your floor boards.
Step 2
Lay a floor of plywood atop the frames.
Step 3
Cut a hole 4 1/4" in diameter in the plywood for the hole, and affix a piece of PVC piping.
Step 4
Use PVC tubing to create tiered greens, using the tubes to carry balls from one tier to the next.
Step 5
Build walls around each frame out of 2x4's to keep balls on the green.
Step 1
Purchase putting cups--featuring flaps that allow balls in but not out--which can be laid on your floor without having to put holes in.
Step 2
2x4's can be laid down to construct walls, but left unanchored, meaning they can be stored out of the way when you are not playing.
Step 3
Use items around your house to create obstacles for your course. A simple chair placed in the middle of a hole can make for an obstacle to putt around or through.
Step 4
Purchase rolled sheets of turf if the floor you are playing on is not carpeted, to ensure there is enough friction for reliable play.
Step 5
Record your holes with sketches so that you can recreate them again. The benefit of using non-permanent holes is that you can mix and match the order of your holes, and can even create more holes than you intend to play in any single round, making every round a unique combination of holes.

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