How to Design a Miniature Golf Course

By Bobby Ingram

Building your own miniature golf course is a great way to ensure you always have the option of getting in a round of fun on the miniature links. Before you can build your dream course, however, it is important that you take all the needed precautions in the design process to ensure that your course ends up every bit as great as you dreamed it might be.


Difficulty: Moderate
Step 1
Take careful measurements of the available space for your course. Accurate measurements are essential in designing your course.
Step 2
Set a hard budget and a soft budget for your purchases. Your soft budget is your desired spending limit, whereas your hard budget is an absolute maximum you will spend. You should aim to spend within your soft budget, and only exceed it if the costs are still within your hard budget and the purchased obstacles or items will increase your enjoyment or profit enough to justify the expense.
Step 3
Take inventory of what items you already own which can be used in construction of walls and obstacles. With creativity, you can create obstacles out of virtually anything.
Step 4
Choose a style for your course. Most mini golf courses focus on implementing obstacles to add challenge to the course. Some courses, however, prefer to literally strive for miniature golf, using using hills and angles to include holes which feature lay-ups and strategic aiming without the use of outside obstacles.
Step 5
Balance the difficulty of the holes. Putting all of the more difficult holes together may lead to holes which produce consecutive bad scores, lowering the fun and value of your course.
Step 6
Draw a top-down layout of your course, using your measurements from Step 1, and stick to this blueprint in construction.

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