How to Make Your Own Mini Golf Course

By Patrick Cameron

Creating your own mini golf course can be a great way to pass the time, play with the kids or hone your putter during the long cold winter. The best thing about it is you don't have to spend a load of money in order to make one. There are even times when just what you have around the house will work.


Difficulty: Moderate
Step 1
Start by planning out the holes you want to make. Depending on what the holes look like, that will be your guide for how you cut and adorn your plywood.
Step 2
Cut the plywood to match your plan. You're making a simple indoor putt-putt course, so unless you're a perfectionist your cuts don't have to be perfect.
Step 3
Cut a three-inch hole in the plywood where you want the hole to be. This can be done by placing a coffee cup on the plywood, tracing around it and then cutting the hole with the saber saw.
Step 4
Put on your side rails. Take your 1-by-1 trim boards and, using the wood glue, affix them around your cut-out plywood hole. These will help to keep the ball from rolling off the hole.
Step 5
And sheet metal contours. You can do this by simply bending the sheet metal and placing it on your plywood. You'll be covering the whole thing in carpet but, if you want, you can affix the sheet metal with liquid nails.
Step 6
Allow two hours for the glue on the side rails and contours to set.
Step 7
Carpet the hole. Depending on how legitimate you want your course to be, you can purchase all-season green carpet. Otherwise, any extra carpet you have lying around the house will do the trick.
Step 8
Affix the carpet with the staple gun. Make sure that none of the staples are sticking up and that the carpet is smooth on the platform without bubbles or wrinkles. If you have sheet metal contours, make sure you staple the carpet both in front and in back of the sheet metal.
Step 9
Cut the carpet around the hole. The best way to do this is to flip the construction over and cut through from underneath with a carpenter's knife.

Tips & Warnings

Paint golf balls different colors for even more putt-putt fun.

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Patrick Cameron is a freelance writer with 10 years of diverse experience in consumer goods branding, promotions and retail communications. He works out of his home in Denver, Colo. He received his Bachelor of Arts in mass communication from the University of Minnesota.


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