New Tiger Woods 08 Wii Tutorial

By Andrea Griffith

"Tiger Woods '08" is a golfing video game for the Nintendo Wii console and allows gamers to play as real professional golfers or create their own character in the game. If you are a golfer this game can be a fun way to practice and be entertained on one of those stormy days when you can't play on the course. The game is unique as it utilizes the motion sensor controls of the Nintendo Wii to simulate a real golf swing. The game may not accurately replicate your form and skills, but you can still have fun choosing clubs, holes, lie and PGA Tour pros, such as Vijay Singh and John Daly.


Difficulty: Easy
Step 1
Go to the main menu of the game and move your Wii remote to the Practice Mode option. Press the "A" button to enter the practice mode, where you can test out the controls before actually playing a game.
Step 2
Follow the tutorial in practice mode to learn how to use the controls on your Wii remote in order to swing your club. Start by choosing your player from the ones available. Press the "A" button on your Wii remote once you find the pro golfer that you want to play as.
Step 3
Choose the club your want to play with by pressing right or left on the directional pad of the Wii remote. Press the "A" button to select the club. You can change your club at any time while playing a hole to adjust for your swing.
Step 4
Make your first swing by lining your golfer up with the ball by pressing left or right on the directional pad. Press the "B" button on your Wii remote and bring the remote back as if you were performing a backswing with a real club. Swing the remote and release the "B" button after you hit the ball.
Step 5
Putt the ball by using the controls the same way. Use less force than a normal swing when putting, and putt as you would in real life. Once going through the tutorial and learning how to swing you can go back to the main menu to play a single-player game or enter tournament mode.

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Andrea Griffith's creativity in writing began at a young age, being published for her short stories in elementary school. She graduated from Western Michigan University majoring in journalism/English. Griffith began writing for Demand Studios in the fall of 2009.


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