Hawaii Golf Driving Ranges and Practice Facilities

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Hawaii has 2 golf practice facilities and driving ranges to choose from. All cities in Hawaii that have driving ranges and other related golf practice facilities are listed alphabetically, below.

Top Hawaii Golf Driving Ranges Facilities
  1. Lahaina Golf Driving Ranges
  2. Aiea Golf Driving Ranges
All Hawaii Cities with Golf Driving Ranges
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The Two-Step Swing Drill Practice this 2-step swing drill to check your half-way back and finish positions
A Slice Cause: Downswing Pulling the handle of the club down to the ball during the downswing will create a slice, initiate the downswing with your hips and left shoulder
Fix for Shank Shots Shanks occur in the one plane swing because your arms are too far out in front of your body so concentrate on bringing your hands in closer to your legs on the downswing.