Woodland Park, Colorado Golf Courses

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Woodland Park, CO Golf Courses
18 holes over 6,617 yards with a par of 71 (Public)
100 Shining Mountain Ln
Woodland Park, CO 80863
(719) 687-7587
2 miles from the center of Woodland Park.


John Drum Scored 97 at Navy, The Destroyer Cypress, California

John Drum Scored a Birdie at Hole 12 of Navy, The Destroyer Cypress, California

John Drum Scored 95 at Navy, The Destroyer Cypress, California

John Drum Scored 95 at Meadowlark Huntington Beach, California

j hicks Scored 83 at The Spur At Northwoods Columbia, South Carolina

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Golf Posture and Stance Your posture is determined by your arm swing. If you swing up and down on a two plane swing then you should stand more upright. If you swing your arms around on a one plane swing then stand more bent over on the balls of your feet.
Backswing Shoulder Turn In a two plane swing the shoulders turn more level to the ground. With the one plane swing the arms swinging across the body turn your shoulders naturally, making the windup easier by keeping the body more centered with less lateral movement.
Cure For Push Shots: Poor Release Hanging back at impact restricts your follow through and leads to a push shot
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