Lexington, Massachusetts Golf Courses

Below is our comprehensive list of golf courses in the Lexington, Massachusetts area. We list them by proximity to Lexington, including courses in neighboring cities. Award-winning golf courses are noted. Click on the course name to view more information on the course, including reviews and tournaments. For more golf courses in this region of Massachusetts, choose a city from the list to the right. For places to stay, check out Lexington, MA resorts & hotels.

Lexington, MA Golf Courses
9 holes over 3,016 yards with a par of 35 (Private)
55 Hill St
Lexington, MA 02421-4333
(781) 862-9614
1 mile from the center of Lexington.

9 holes over 2,757 yards with a par of 35 (Municipal)
255 Cedar St
Lexington, MA 02421-6539
(781) 862-5516
1 mile from the center of Lexington.

9 holes over 577 yards with a par of 27 (Public)
675 Waltham St
Lexington, MA 02421-7935
(781) 863-0445
2 miles from the center of Lexington.

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Pre Set Wrist Swing Drill A common mistake on the backswing is to hinge instead of cock your wrists, a perfect drill to help fix this is to pre set your backswing by cocking your wrists right up in front of your face at address and then turning into a full backswing
Why Turn is the Worst Term in Golf Avoid turning during the golf swing to prevent back injuries and a reverse pivot
Flat Swing Plane Cure If you stuck underneath the swing plane on the downswing and slap hooking the ball practice getting your palm down and swinging it around your waist as if you were throwing a discus.
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