Graniteville, South Carolina Golf Courses

Below is our comprehensive list of golf courses in the Graniteville, South Carolina area. We list them by proximity to Graniteville, including courses in neighboring cities. Award-winning golf courses are noted. Click on the course name to view more information on the course, including reviews and tournaments. For more golf courses in this region of South Carolina, choose a city from the list to the right. For places to stay, check out Graniteville, SC resorts & hotels.

Graniteville, SC Golf Courses
18 holes over 6,595 yards with a par of 72 (Public)
151 Midland Dr
Graniteville, SC 29829-4026
(800) 486-0240
1 mile from the center of Graniteville.

18 holes over 7,245 yards with a par of 72 (Private)
2240 Sage Valley Dr
Graniteville, SC 29829-3174
(803) 663-0900
3 miles from the center of Graniteville.


Bill Friedman Scored 96 at Stow Acres, North Stow, Massachusetts

Turk Schonert Scored 83 at Legacy Pines Mauldin, South Carolina

Turk Schonert Scored a Birdie at Hole 14 of Legacy Pines Mauldin, South Carolina

Catherine Rybicki just Went PRO!

j hicks Scored 77 at Oak Hills Columbia, South Carolina

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Balance You need to maintain your balance throughout your entire swing sequence, this requires the torso and arms moving together allowing you to maintain your center
Cure For Pull Shots: Ball Position Move the ball back in your stance with this Variable Tee Drill to see where the best ball position is for you
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