Canton, Georgia Golf Courses

Below is our comprehensive list of golf courses in the Canton, Georgia area. We list them by proximity to Canton, including courses in neighboring cities. Award-winning golf courses are noted. Click on the course name to view more information on the course, including reviews and tournaments. For more golf courses in this region of Georgia, choose a city from the list to the right. For places to stay, check out Canton, GA resorts & hotels.

Canton, GA Golf Courses
18 holes over 6,830 yards with a par of 72 (Public)
3105 Gaddis Rd
Canton, GA 30115-6427
(770) 345-9260
3 miles from the center of Canton.

9 holes over 3,082 yards with a par of 35 (PL)
480 Golf Course Rd
Canton, GA 30114-3200
(770) 479-2772
4 miles from the center of Canton.

18 holes over 6,566 yards with a par of 71 (Public)
400 Laurel Canyon Pkwy
Canton, GA 30114-4458
(770) 720-1808
8 miles from the center of Canton.

18 holes over 7,085 yards with a par of 72 (Public)
1190 Bridge Mill Ave
Canton, GA 30114-7712
(770) 345-5500
8 miles from the center of Canton.

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Slicing: Downswing Many slices are caused because golfers start their downswing incorrectly, the correct downswing sequence starts with the lower body shifting weight from the right leg to the left leg, then the upper body follows
Split Grip Drill Practice the split grip and club-in-center drills to allow the arms and body to swing correctly together
Flip and Slice Cure Flipping or scooping keeps your hands back and closes the clubface to counteract an up and down slice swing. Fix this by rounding out your swing plane, turning your grip further to the left and letting your arms turn over as you go through impact.
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