Golf Swing & Kinetic Technique

By Jennifer Stow

Kinetics is the study of motion and its causes. In relation to the golf swing, it would be the study of how the body moves.
- What exactly does the body do in the swing and how might improving ones fitness or flexibility help?
- Does pulling the ball have a connection with forearm strength?
- Will better trunk rotation hit the ball further?
All these questions can be answered with a better understanding of golf swing kinetics.

Increasing Popularity of Kinetics

Kinetics has not been emphasized in golf historically, but has become more popular with the rise of the sport and physical fitness. More and more people are interested in how the body works in the golf swing and learning why they can't perform certain moves. Golfers would prefer to think that it's not skill but something that could be an easy fix. Teaching professionals are catching on to this and offering a complete body performance overhaul to get their clients to play their best golf. Companies like Body Balance and the Titleist Performance Institute revolve their whole business around it.

Categories of Golf Swing Kinetics

When you think of golf swing kinetics, the most popular categories are strength, balance, flexibility and fitness. Strength is basic in most sports. Balance is one of those components you don't think is important till you improve on it. Without balance in the golf swing, you will have a less consistent and powerful swing. Golfers who suffer from lack of flexibility and who do not stretch properly before playing, suffer from poor rotation, improper swing positions and torn muscles. Just as in any other sport, you need to be physically fit to play your best.

Fitness Aids for Golfers

Many training aids help golfers with the golf and some aids focus on improving your fitness as it relates to the golf swing.
- An aid for balance is the Izzo balance disks. They blue rubber disks filled with air that you stand on to improve your balance. Try balancing on them by themselves on both feet, then switch to one foot at a time. Once you can do that without falling or bobbling you can stand on them while swinging.
- Try hitting golf balls barefoot to improve your balance. Some of the muscles that are most used in the golf swing are the forearms, back and shoulders.

Further Information on Golf Fitness

Golf Fitness Magazine dedicated to golf kinetic technique and also maintains a website. The website has videos, articles and blog entries about golf fitness. Another source of information is the golf professional at the club where you play golf. He or she can answer many of your questions and can refer you to specialists in this field. Fitness centers and fitness trainers can also provide a wide range of helpful information.

Final Thought on Kinetics

Kinetic technique in the golf swing is key, even to the beginner. A basic understanding of how the body works and what it is supposed to be do in the golf swing can help the novice golfer learn proper technique. As you get more deeply involved, you will be able to recognize your own swing and what you can and cannot do.

About The Author

Based in Minnesota, Jennifer Stow has written golf related articles for Dick's Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy and local golf media. She has been a professional golfer and a golf professional for over ten years and has experienced all sides of the business. She holds a Bachelor of Arts sociology from Rollins College.


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